Keeping Your Sewers Safe From Fats, Oils and Grease

 Laws, Regulations and Codes


  • AB 1333: The Governor approved AB 1333 on August 28, 2006. This bill makes the improper disposal of brown grease from grease traps or interceptors an offense. In addition, the bill prohibits reinserting any of the grease removed from a trap or interceptor back into the trap or interceptor (decanting) unless specific conditions are met. The bill also requires grease haulers to completely remove all grease, greasy liquids, water, and solids from a trap or interceptor each time it is pumped. AB 1333 Info.
  • Statewide WDR: On May 2, 2006 the SWRCB finalized their statewide approach to reducing sanitary sewer overflows. One aspect of the approach is developing a Sanitary Sewer Management Plan (SSMP) for FOG control. The released documents include the Finalized WDR, Monitoring and Reporting Program and a Fact Sheet. See the State Board's SSO pages for details and developments.
  • AB1065 - 10/05/05: Governor signed AB1065, which includes authorization for the Department of Food and Agricultural to establish a system for documenting and tracking the transportation of inedible kitchen grease in order to ensure the proper disposal or recycling of that material. For more information on AB 1065.
  • AB 285 Bill This state law requires the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) to develop report forms for spills or overflows from a sanitary sewer system. After the forms are developed, municipal sanitary sewer systems will be required to report spills in this format.
  • California Legislation - Assembly and Senate Bills


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