Keeping Your Sewers Safe From Fats, Oils and Grease



Anaerobic Digestion

Maintenance, Treatment and Conversion

  • AquaBio bioremdiation products for FOG and odor control
  • B-Environmental - Floor sink strainers, fine particle strainers and bacterial grease control additive system.
  • BioClear Solutions - 888-433-5886. Active bacteria applications for drain lines.
  • BlackGold Biofuels - Processing equipment to convert fog (such as trap grease, lift station grease, and fryer grease) into biodiesel.
  • Drainbo - biological drain and grease trap treatment designed to reduce/eliminate organic line and trap deposition (FOG) as well as fouling and odor.
  • Drainsavers - Keeps solid waste such as dirt and debris from entering the floor or mop drains.
  • FOG Energy Corporation -System for receiving and processing FOG waste for anaerobic digestion, improving digester performance and biogas output, reduced biosolids.
  • FOG Funnel - Funnel for use with standard plastic jugs for residential collection.
  • Goslyn Environmental Solutions -  liquid separatosr that significantly reduce the level of Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) in waste water effluent
  • Hydrologix®Grease Reduction System
  • Sustainable Environmental Technologies (SET) - produces a patented, pretreatment system to eliminate Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOGs) using EPA approved self perpetuating microbes. The Advanced Grease Interceptor System (AGIS) eliminates clogs, fines, and scheduled grease trap pumping
  • Young Enterprises Microbial Products - microbial products for grease, oils and other organic wastes.

WERF Water Environment Research Foundation
Fats, Roots, Oils, and Grease (FROG) in Centralized and Decentralized Systems

  1. Fats, Roots, Oils, and Grease (FROG) Project - July 2006
  2. NC State University
  3. WERF's Report


  • FogWise - Compliance consulting and software.
  • Linko Data Systems - Builds and supports easy to use FOG and Pretreatment Management Systems.
  • XC2 Software - Managing Grease Trap/FOG Programs for wastewater utilities.

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